• Image of The Exclusive Espresso Subscription
  • Image of The Exclusive Espresso Subscription

You love espresso, that's why you're reading this.. But it's about more than pulling a delicious shot, it's about knowing the beans you have are capable of delivering a delicious shot every time because quality beans are precious.

Your time is precious. You want to spend it enjoying delicious espresso and improving your skills along the way rather than hoping the beans you ordered have a couple of good shots in them.

And because you are busy, you have little time to search and test and hope when it comes to enjoying a delicious espresso or showcasing your skills when you're entertaining a guest or important client.

A few roasters do four, maybe six different espresso every year, and most roasters are doing the same one or two espresso year after year. I've crafted thirty-five to forty unique espresso each year for the past eighteen years. All of them, delicious.

Before I roast, I think about each espresso the same way a chef thinks about a weekly tasting menu. I source hand-picked, smartly farmed coffees for the potential flavors they contain. I think about complexity, aromatics, and mouthfeel. It's about creating a layered culinary experience for you every single time.

You can be one of a handful that I roast for because I love sharing my craft with someone who wants to experience it. Someone like you.

These are the kinds of espresso award winning chefs want for their own restaurants.

"After talking to John and experiencing his coffee I knew right then and there that I had to work with him. His impeccable roasting, his knowledge in coffee has made him one of the finest if not the best coffee roaster in the United States." - Viet Pham, Food & Wine Chef of the Year, Iron Chef Winner, 3x James Beard Award Semi-Finalist, Owner Pretty Bird Chicken

This Subscription will give you access to the quality of espresso you can only get by visiting our caffe and having me personally make it for you. After dialing in each Exclusive Espresso you receive throughout the year, you will taste a layered, complex, and luxurious espresso. You will understand how starting with better espresso beans will result a better espresso.

Which option are you going to order? I would recommend the Better option. Because it's better.

* A six month Subscription
* 300g of expertly crafted espresso
* A unique espresso offering every month.
* Detailed tasting notes

Everything in Good plus the following:

* An additional 6 months subscription
(Year total)
* Detailed brewing parameters
* "First to Know" information on upcoming select single origin coffee offerings and
* The ability to purchase these coffees before everyone except the top tier subscribers.
* One scheduled twenty-minute call to assist with any espresso brewing question you need solved over the next twelve months.

Everything in Better plus the following:

* The ability to purchase select single origin coffees before everyone else.
* Three additional (Four total) scheduled twenty-minute calls to assist with any espresso (or coffee) brewing question you need solved over the next twelve months.
* 365 Email support

Offerings in the Exclusive Espresso Subscription are recommended for espresso brewing only.

Roasting and shipping is second week of the month.*

Shipping in CONUS only
If you're in HI, AK, or Canada please contact us directly.