• Image of Pre-Order: Edwin Noreña Triple-Anaerobic Pink Bourbon Co-Fermented with Galaxy Hops.

** UPDATE* There are now only three 300g tins available**

This is a pre-order for 1 (or more) 300g tins of whole bean coffee.

In order to maximize freshness for this exclusive microlot, the coffee will be roasted and shipped when each batch is filled.

* You will be notified when your batch is ready to roast.

This coffee has more complexity, nuance, flavor and range of flavor than any coffee I've experienced in my twenty years of roasting.

I give it 98 points.

What's it like?

This is a snapshot from one espresso..

Raspberry, habenero, black tea, blueberry, chocolate.
Orange fruit leather, sweet ginger, peach, lime, cherry.
Deep red Cabernet, hoppy star anise and a chocolate stout finish.

As coffee:

Dark cherry, mild wine, jalapeño, chocolate, blackberry.
Raspberry, lime rind, red cherry, lingering milk chocolate.
Lemon water, grapefruit, salsa-berry candy.

Orange, habenero, raspberry Jolly Rancher, dark red licorice,
lime gummy. Ginger candy, vanilla-blackberry sugar.Black
pepper berry. Black tea, blueberry, hops.

Rye+beer, tootsie roll, black cherry. Mexican chocolate,
light brown sugar. Beer hoppiness, red berries, chocolate orange.

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